Jade Vines: FOTD Feb 19, 2023


(Click on photos for a better view.)

This is an entirely different jade plant than I have ever seen before and no relative, as it is not a succulent, but rather a vine that has these strangely-colored large plastic-looking turquoise-colored chandeliers hanging down from it. They are, however, a real flower!!! Sighted at the Garden of Dreams Boutique Hotel in Ajijic. I had a hard time capturing their true color with my camera, but they are a consistent opaque flat turquoise color. They were over a foot in length.

For Cee’s FOTD

15 thoughts on “Jade Vines: FOTD Feb 19, 2023

          1. Stine Writing and Miniatures

            I told David once my father passes I want to do things like that. Right now I am staying put for him. Its so weird though because as more time passes the less he recognizes me as someone “safe”. Its so hard, I know I am taking care of him but in my mind I know it really only affects me emotionally. I couldn’t just not see him or care about him but I often think that it wouldn’t affect his life if I never went back. It sounds awful when I put it here rather than just in my mind….


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    It certainly IS a wild and crazy plant — and it does look fake. Is it really a jade tree? The colors are unreal.

    I tried to look it up, but whatever it is called, I couldn’t find it. Ajijic is the village and apparently is well known for its nurseries, but no flower has its name. If you get wind of it’s “official” name, I’m curious about it. Now THAT would be something very special to grow in my “indoor garden”!



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