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Vined Fortune. FOTD, June 28, 2020


This vine has been growing on the outside of my wall for nineteen years and I still don’t know what it is. On a whim, I snapped this photo not noticing what a wonderful background the color of the car parked across the street made for the little surreal still life the flowering vine formed. It’s the first good shot I’ve had of this flower in all those years.

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Bougainvillea: Good Flowers Make Good Neighbors


This high wall of bougainvilleas separates my house from my neighbors’. They are good neighbors, but we both love having this beauty between us! It furnishes us both privacy but very easy to call out to each other through it!

For Cee’s FOTD Apr 21, 2020

Purple Wing Vine: FOTD Dec 4, 2019

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This is the only two-petal flower I’ve ever seen. I love the three red hearts at its center. I believe it is a purple wing vine and I’m dying to get a cutting or seeds. Need to see how it replicates. My friend Glen spotted it in the outside courtyard of the cat shelter! Lots of cute kittens as well. And nine adorable puppies!!! Dare I?

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Clematis: Flower of the Day, Oct 7, 2018

From my friend Jackie’s beautiful garden.. still thriving in spite of the near (but not quite) freezing temperatures in Wyoming:


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Golden Bougainvillea: Flower of the Day, Sep 25, 2018

This vine grows over my wall at the lowest end of the garden so I forget it is even there. Today I made quite a few new discoveries about my lawn and garden.  You’ll be seeing a few of them in the upcoming weeks. This is the first. I love this color and think I may have to plant another one in a spot where it is easier to see.

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Pink Coral Vine: Flower of the Day, Jul 27, 2018


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I have been admiring a lush vine like this one at the Chapala Society for 17 years. A few years ago, I put a few seeds from it into my pocket and scattered them in a spot where I’ve never been able to get any thing to take hold.  I’d tried a grape vine to no avail, so thought perhaps these could use the dead grape vines for support.  This year I noticed that they had bloomed. I took one of these photos then.  Today I took it at a later stage, more fully bloomed out.  For years, I’ve wondered what it was and I finally lucked out and found it on a website.  It is called a Pink Coral Vine, so when I forget that at a later date and label this as a mystery flower, you can remind me!

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