Do you feel a bit off-kilter,
like your life has lost its filter,
friends are either crass or boring,
same old stories leave you snoring,
news from north, east, west and south
has you foaming at the mouth?

What politicians have to say
more like folklore every day?
The world more than you can abide
now that our heroes all have died?
How do you sift the lies from fact—
determine how you should react?

Ladies and gents, I have to say
that I do not know the way
to save a world that’s in a pickle.
Best that we just toss a nickel
and see what way the flipped coin goes.
Heads are yesses, tails are noes!!!!

Prompt words today are filter, boring, foaming, react, folklore and lady. Image from Unsplash.

12 thoughts on “Flipped

      1. okcForgottenMan

        I zeroed in on nickle as well, so I scurried over to Merriam-Webster. They say it’s an okay alternate spilling, so I didn’t change your spilling. (For other readers: I always misspill “spelling” whenever I’m talking about it.)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. slmret

          Haha — my Wikipedia says that nickle is a green woodpecker! It also says it’s a common misspelling that shouldn’t be used. I guess misspill must be the same! 🙂 !



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