Answers to Fibbing Friday Questions, Feb 24, 2023

The assignment: Here are some familiar words but can you make up new definitions for them?

1.   Silicone–a dunce cap
2.   Fluff–a polite word for a gentle fart
3.   Loofah–Scandinavian exclamation or interjection used to express dismay over having to clean the bathroom
4.   Caddy–An eight-year-old rude man in training
5.   Pedantic–funny foot movements while dancing
6.   Tangent–A polite male tourist on a bus back from the beach who gave up his seat to an elderly woman.
7.   Muffler–The mother of a crying baby.
8.   Calamity–Aphids in the Calla lilies
9.   Archive–A cat about to assume its most threatening (and threatened) hump-backed position.
10. Fortify–a poorly-constructed (iffy) structure of defense.


For Fibbing Friday Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

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