Ruth and Max Bloomquist in Concert at Wendy and Steve Edmond’s House

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A beautiful setting, great music. After most of the people went home, Steve lit a fire and a number of music makers who had been in the audience took turns presenting music.  Lach picked me up at 1 because me car was in the repair shop.. I finally got home again about 9:30… Long, fun day. I made the sangria.. and read a few poems.

Ruth and Max will be presenting one more concert before they leave Mexico. The next concert will be at the home of Dan and Cheryl Dower-Laff, #40 Codonices, Chapla Haciendas 2, Tuesday, February 28th at 5:00 PM. Get information and RSVP at

You can read about Ruth and Max, even listen to them, on their website HERE.

Thanks, Becky, for beautifully organizing both of these concerts!!!


8 thoughts on “Ruth and Max Bloomquist in Concert at Wendy and Steve Edmond’s House

  1. Sam

    Thanks so much for shearing this with us. Here in Austin we have similar such “House Concerts” and they also are always something much more enjoyable than just the entertainment of the Music that one receives in a more “official” concert on an enclosed stage~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      My friend Becky has known Ruth for longer than Max has. She used to live in Michigan and frequently sang with Ruth. Becky and her husband Lach were neighbors in Boulder Creek, CA who came to visit me in Mexico and ended up buying a house and moving here! They invited Ruth and Max down and arranged the concerts. Small world. Turns out there were 8 people from Boulder Creek at the concert!!! They’ve been showing up in droves down here…They’ve had so many disasters there in the past few years: earthquake, fire, floods, landslides. Now they are having unusually cold winters…So sad as it is an amazingly beautiful place with cool people…


      1. msjadeli

        That’s very interesting how things fell into place for the concert. I had no idea that CO was having so many natural disasters there. The news never talks about it. That’s really unfortunate.



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