Winter Provisioning

Winter Provisioning

The cows are in the pasture, plump but in the nude,
watching for their daily hay bales to be renewed.
My prestigious assignment is to drive the truck
while Daddy tips the hay bales off, for he has all the luck!
The cows think he’s their savior while I’m just the chauffeur.
So though my appearance does not cause a stir,
when they see his welcome face, they speed by in a blur
to break into the hay bales that my dad has spread,
and that is how in winter, daily, our cows are fed!!!


Prompts today are plump, renew, prestigious, watch, assignment and pasture. Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

10 thoughts on “Winter Provisioning

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I lived in California and there has been disaster after disaster in the town I lived in. I loved it there but I love Mexico even more and lately it seems more and more people from Santa Cruz and Boulder Creek have been checking it out down here.


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        If we were a bit younger, we’d be checking it out too. We are about 15 years to old to move us and our stuff so far away. I love everything about the way you live, the people, the food, the colors, the flowers — literally everything. But Garry’s turning 81 and I’m 76 in two weeks. The idea is great, but doing it? Overwhelming. It’s too late for us, more’s the pity.



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