Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns


I got a bit carried away, initially intending to only post photos of caterpillars with interesting patterns, but then a few butterflies flew in followed by beetles and bees and wasps and pretty soon I had a crowd.  I’ve been fascinated by the incredible number of insects there are in Mexico. I believe all of these beautiful creatures were photographed in my own yard except for the fifth one of the huge hopper on the hand which was photographed in the rainforest in Peru. So, here they are, Denzil!!! Thanks for the prompt


For Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

17 thoughts on “Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

    1. lifelessons Post author

      This post took me over two hours. I got carried away looking at my photo files. I had one post almost done and hadn’t saved as I went and lost the entire unsaved gallery when my computer decided to switch me off WP. Grrrr! So I started again and this time put the photos in a folder…

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