Media Memorial

Media Memorium

I derive full pleasure from binge watching television,
even though it earns me my friends’ complete derision.

I’m crazy about mysteries, game shows and romances—
all those “cute meets,” chance encounters—all those furtive glances.

Outside bluegrass concerts draw my interest, but the air
is full of pollen, so I prefer watching from my lair

with a bathroom close at hand that I don’t have to share.
Somehow camaraderie’s more comfy from my chair!

For my memorial, when I die, be sure that I am there,
ensconced in front of my TV on my derriere.

Prompt words today are memorial, bluegrass, mystery,derive, full and binge watching. Image from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Media Memorial

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I used to like mysteries but kind of overdosed. I also don’t particularly love game shows, although I used to. These prompt words make liars of us all! Well, some of us. I do like romances, but not Harlequin-type or excessively lurid ones. Just like good plots and characterizations with happy endings. Life has become too short for huge traumas.


  1. Marsha

    I’m smiling at all your lovely posts as I’m scrolling through, Judy. This one is really cute. We spend way too much time watching tv. Our neighbors invited us over to movie night at their home on Friday and we watched the story of Steven Spielberg, Sam Fableman. It was the perfect entertainment for the evening. 🙂



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