Battered Wife

Battered Wife

It’s inherent in her nature that my friend just marries losers.
She says that she likes nice guys, then she hooks up with these bruisers.
I introduced her to a gentle man I hoped could be her type,
but she judged him with her eyes instead of listening to my hype.

He was placid, kind and jovial, but had a shiny head,
so she chose a sexy surly love interest instead.
Although the nicer guy leaves her feeling somewhat curious,
it seems her needs are better met by a man more furious.


Prompt words are placid, jovial, shiny, inherent, need and furious. Image by Kat on Unsplash.

17 thoughts on “Battered Wife

  1. TamrahJo

    Sigh – as one who married those who ‘were introduced’ to me, by mutual friends/community/work colleagues’ – and ended up in this position? sigh – they weren’t ‘purdy’ on various fronts – I trusted those in what I though was my ‘circle’ of trust – so – yeah – nice post and yeah – sometimes? folks (men and women!) get caught up in chemical attraction vs. logical thinking over lifelong bonds for building a life – that said? I read this – read the comments? And – for me? All I hear is “if you end up in a bad relationship, your own fault and no one’s fault but your own” – especially for women – so – meh – just speaking up – for folks who don’t often talk about this stuff, cuz we learned a long, long time ago – it’s always ‘our fault’ no matter what – sigh –

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  2. TamrahJo

    Just a saying, the maddest I ever got, over it all, was folks who said, “so? you married them, live with it” – the same folks who told me what a great ‘guy’ they were, what a great member of their workforce/church, etc., – me? Um, yeah, fell for that crap twice – 8 years apart – and then learned to listen to my ‘gut’ no matter how messed up I might be? I don’t care what others present as their bona fides (fidas?) – if my gut churns – if the hair on the back of my neck stands up – ? Um, yeah – I’ll do my best to try to be ‘fair’ but overall? Wouild rather walk away and ‘miss out’ or be judged as ‘harsh’ than go through either of those thingees, ever, ever, again – even the one where I never had bruises – simply because – the bruises that never show up? Are the ones that take the longest to heal – just a saying

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      1. TamrahJo

        Thanks for being kind – to me? part of systemic injustice on many fronts, that shows up, on this topic and many others, over and over and over – for those who never dealt with the reality of (insert BS ) life? It’s always easy to ‘blame the vulnerable” – on whatever front – sigh – sorry I spouted off on it all – I survived and I’m fine and never, ever again – but I see the same kinds of things, in overall society, play out over and over – where those who are pedators get a free pass, because the vulnerable trusted too much – sigh – happens…alll….the damn time…in our culture, is my belief – but I could just be angry and bitter and ‘not letting stuff go” but oh! I do so hate ‘repeats’ for me/anyone else! 😀



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