There’s No Water Like Home–for Jez’s WWE, Mar 25, 2023




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“There’s no water like home….”

For Jez’s Water Water Everywhere prompt

12 thoughts on “There’s No Water Like Home–for Jez’s WWE, Mar 25, 2023

  1. Sam

    Beautiful~! Thanks for making me jealous,,, The best I can do is my “rock garden”, which is actually a pile of very dry rocks.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know.. I have to actually have the whole thing redone..the tile and pool and hot tub and the whole edge around the pool. The hot mineral water that fills it takes its toll. But it is so glorious to swim in hot water almost every day…After 25 years my whole house needs maintenance. Last night my front gate door suddenly refused to lock. The last earthquake opened up a crack in the from entrance arch over the door that is widening and so there is a man here now resetting the lock. The earth is a living orgainism..and I guess it affects us all in one manner or another.

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