Fractal Life

Fractal Life

Life has turned into a fractal with continual repeats.
She never changes what she wears or watches, does or eats.
Life for her is poignant in its regularity.
She has a time to go to bed, to exercise and pee.

Now that she has forged a life, she finds it easier
to repeat the patterns. Change makes her queasier.
Instead of heaps of whipped cream, she simply has small dollops.
Life is so much easier protected from its wallops.

She sticks to even pavement on her daily walk.
When it comes to beaches, she is known to simply balk.
No pebbles touch her insteps. No sand between her toes.
Her shoes and socks stay on her feet everywhere she goes.

Her established patterns determine where she’ll be.
She simply does not countenance irregularity.
So if you’ve never met her, I fear you won’t be missed
unless you are already included on her list!!!!

Prompt words are fractal, poignant, forge, wallop, pavement. Image by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Fractal Life

      1. Martha Kennedy

        It’s true but it’s OK. I realized over the past few years that I waited my whole life (worked my whole life?) to be free to be an artist. I’m not looking for exterior adventures at this point. Routine in the externals makes creative work possible. Still waters etc.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          The one routine I absolutely practice is doing my blog first thing in the morning… Have been doing this for over 9 years: Cee’s flower prompt and six word prompts and a poem.. plus a few other weekly challenges. And feeding the dogs and cats and going to set writers’ meetings… so I absolutely agree re/ routine making creative work possible.

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