Teen Wisdom

Teen Wisdom

The children are all burgeoning into adolescence,
though like shaken sodas, they emerge with effervescence.

Not thinking of the consequences, behavior audacious,
argumentative and therefore maddeningly pugnacious.

Parents’ beliefs are fallacies. Teens think that only they
have the means and knowledge to clearly know the way

to surge into the future, the internet their guide—
believing all its stated truths are bonafide.

They don’t listen to their parents because, for sure, they’re wrong.
They’d rather get their wisdom from TikTok or a song.

For this generation, electronic media rules,
dispensing equal wisdom from sages and from fools.

Is it truth or fiction? Is it wack or cool?
How can they know the difference? Clearly, hormones rule.


Prompts today are consequences, fallacy, pugnacious, burgeon, mean and soda.

(The non-teen who wrote this poem was so wack that she misspelled TikTok as TikToc. Some teenager just clued her in.) And to be fair, there are probably just as many adults misguided by the internet as there are teens who are.

13 thoughts on “Teen Wisdom

      1. Sam

        Did it do that to me again~? Your’s is about the only blog that does that to me. MAYBE they want to keep you in the dark. I think that it is because I see your name and click on it instead of opening WordPress first. Isn’t that dumb. Other sited do not do that.


      1. Sam

        I have never figured out why this mostly happens with your post. May be something in the setup… I will try to either sign SAM or “Don Mario” at the bottom… Now lets if this one will go.
        Don MARIO


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