Romantically Retired

Romantically Retired

I think I’ve formerly related
that I’m neither wooed nor dated.
Zero heroes, zero traces
of besotted hearts or faces.

Gamblers better put their money
on the fact I’ll have no honey.
Chances more likely for a win
on the roulette wheel’s random spin.

Fortune tellers’ only visions
are of partings and divisions.
No new meetings, no reunion
that might prompt a future union.

So I guess I’ll go on missing
bouts of geriatric kissing.
And instead of passions new,
fond memories will have to do.

Prompt words today are spin, related, traces, vision, money and zero.

9 thoughts on “Romantically Retired

  1. Sam

    Humm~!, All Dolled up, old love letters and crossed fingers clutched in your folded hidden hands; full candle, full bottle, bashful eyes, and only 12:30, The crochet and magazines put away, have you really given up hope~? You are no dope, but full of hope, with tears in your eyes, and with this a pseudo negative hint, are you only softly saying: “Nope”~?

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Just writing a fun poem. I’d done the retablo formerly and the poem seemed to go with it, although I wasn’t thinking of it when I wrote it. In the chest, peeking out of it, are old love letters and photos.



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