By what are you influenced? What triggers you?
Do you stand at attention for the red, white and blue?
Are you of the first nation or Apache or Sioux?

Do you bask in the limelight, awash in your fame.
Hoping that everyone’s seeing your name?,
aware of the problems, but you’re not to blame!

Or are you sedulous, loving and caring,
more concerned with your heart than what you are wearing?
Wanting justice for all, intent on the sharing 

of all the riches of the land of your birth,
looking for solutions for the ills of the Earth,
considering everyone of equal worth?


Prompt words for the day are influencer, bask, first nation, sedulous, wash and triggers. Image by Laura Chouette.


9 thoughts on “Influencer

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Yes. All that for the most part. But here we are watching the original Star Trek and realizing we haven’t come very far from where we were when this was created. It’s sad, but the music Tom Lehrer wrote in the early 1950s is just as relevant now as it was then — maybe MORE relevant.



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