In youth, it was the supernatural that I found charming.
Sinister and spooky I did not find disarming.
Halloween I yearned for, and I was not daunted
by midnight trips to houses reputed to be haunted.

Ouija boards and seances held infinite appeal—
as popular as Tarot cards in what they might reveal.
In supplementing reason, they brought magic to our world—
revealed that place within us where our own magic lay furled.


Prompts today are yearn, supplement, supernatural, sinister, infinite and popular.

4 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. mcouvillion.wordpress.com

    Oh my mother burned our Ouija board, because she said that it was the work of the devil and she would not be having it in our house~! WOW I learned a lot from her, but often in a negative way because I was not so ignorant that I had to blame everything on God. For years after that I used the Masonite board that it had been glued to for a writing board. (Masonite~? Mason~? OMG she should have known) (true story, but too sad a memory to write about)


  2. Martha Kennedy

    I love the I-Ching. Funny, I never thought of it as a supernatural thing. I guess I’m either WAAAAY out there or obtuse beyond belief. So many times it’s helped me think something through and it’s full of practical wisdom like “The surest way to defeat evil is to make resolute progress in the good.” ❤️


    1. lifelessons Post author

      The magical thing is the throwing of the coins or the sticks…Other that that, it like Tarot, is just sound advice. It really has given me good advice that changed the course of my life at times… but I haven’t done either for years.

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