Stating the Obvious

Stating the Obvious

We’ve hit a cosmic bottleneck and every day I rue it,
for I have the feeling that we will not make it through it.
They’ve indexed the world’s problems, but knowing that they’re there
seems to do very little in solving the nightmare.

We do not yield to pressure to try to cure the ills.
We only seem to kneel before the moneyed class’s wills.
We temper fear with hope that someone else will solve the puzzle
of the fact the whole damn world is staring down a muzzle.

Kids shoot other kids with guns but adults do not care
so long as the NRA sanctions the warfare.
We ban those from our borders who clean up all our messes,
then wonder why we’re drowning here in our own excesses.

Amazon sells refreshments as we all just sit and watch
as climate change keeps shifting the danger up a notch.
Meanwhile, the rich get richer and we ignore the poor
as the ones who need it least acquire more and more.

The polar caps are melting as California burns,
and in between, the drought and floods keep on taking turns.
Hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones mount and mount,
raising the fatalities higher than we can count.

Nobody knows the answer for how to please us all,
yet we forget we all are one on this great blue ball.
If only we could find a way to even out the score
and give up some of what we’ve got so others can have more.

Sacrifice fossil fuel to give the world a chance.
Tear down the oil derricks. Replace them with plants.
Make sure the rich pay taxes on a par with all the rest.

Admit that we don’t own the Earth. We are just its guest!!!


Prompts today are temper, index, cosmic, bottleneck, kneel and refreshments.

22 thoughts on “Stating the Obvious

  1. Martha Kennedy

    I think this every day when the news offers me information, “They’ve indexed the world’s problems, but knowing that they’re there seems to do very little in solving the nightmare.” What are we going to do about it? Useful information would be to include some positive news such as, “Lake Michigan has made great recovery because X, Y, Z” which would tell people what’s working and what they can do,. I can’t live in crisis mode and I don’t think anyone can.



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