To Martha’s Muse

The muse of painting, on the Opera House in Guanajuato, Mexico

 Here is Martha’ Kennedy’s, prompt that came in response to my “Demused” poem:
My muse got the word from yours that she’d like you to start at least ONE poem with, “Tell me O Muse” She just wants a little acknowledgement.”

I’ve never turned down a prompt yet, Martha’s Muse, so here is your poem of acknowledgement:

To Martha’s Muse

Tell me, O Muse, if it is you
telling my muse what to do
to spur me to get off my duff
and write lines that are good enough
to meet the current status quo,
instead of being just “so-so?”

If so, please let me know it’s me
penning the lines, and not just she.
So if she sickens, dies or just
loses her poetic thrust,
I can make it on my own
to write a poem that’s fully blown!!!!

This frees her and also me
from interdependency.
Frees her to leave me all alone
to find “amusement” on her own,
and once she’s off to do her roaming,
I’ll practice independent poeming!

Though in the past I’ve been bemused,
when on occasion I’ve been de-mused,
I’ll take my genius off the shelf
and write my poems all by myself.
(And though, dear muse, freedom is thine,
I’ll claim my credits as purely mine!!!!)

Though Martha’s muse probably ain’t
just one of words, but also paint,
I hope that she has room enough
for all my muse’s extra stuff,
for as she departed, slamming  doors,
she said she’s off to knock on yours!!!!

10 thoughts on “To Martha’s Muse

  1. Martha Kennedy

    This is wonderful. My muse is all honored and stuff. Here’s what my muse has to say:

    Judy do not worry
    Your muse is in no hurry
    To leave you to yourself
    Putting inspiration on the shelf.

    Just once in a while remember
    You need her gentle voice to render
    Your output of poetic MUSINGS
    A lovely combination of hers and your minds fusing.

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      1. Martha Kennedy

        My muse doesn’t want to jump your train so don’t worry — she just wanted to remind you that once in a while you need to formally invoke your muse. She gets persnickety that way. 😉


  2. Sam

    OH IT IS A GOOD THING I DID NOT GET MIXED UP IN THIS aMUSing SUBJECT. but your reply was good enough to be set to music. But you be ready try this ~! It got me to thinking about “catty meus” and so played the following. Which immediately brought two cats and a dog climbing up my lap all at the same time.. So I got my first and best laugh today~!


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    Personally, I think they are multi talented. Photography grew out of painting in the beginning, though I sometimes forget how it all began. I couldn’t keep an easel or a wet painting on a stand with raging toddler in house. It’s far easier reasoning with a dog than with a toddler. Maybe writing stands alone, though I doubt it. It seems to me that most people who have talent in one area of art have talent in at least one other and often more. Of course, I have absolutely no proof that this is true, so it’s really just an opinion based on “looking around.”


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        And writers and poets. Vincent Price was a really fine painter AND poet. David McCallum wrote a couple of pretty good mysteries. So did Abdul Al Jabar (I hope I spelled it right). I’m not even going to count autobiographies, though David Niven wrote a couple of really good ones.

        I think “the muse” is like pixie dust. When she sprinkles it over you, it tickles many parts of your soul.



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