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House Fairies?

Book Fairy

House Fairies?

The back door came unhinged in the hovel she lived in.
so when she got back home from wherever she had been,
there had been a kind intruder who sparkled up the place.
Tidied up the dishes and polished up its face.
Brightened up the house by cleaning all the glass—
giving the mirrors and windows more than just a pass.
Plumped up all the sofa cushions, scrubbed down all the floors.
Polished all the bathroom fixtures, fixed all of the doors.
Grime and dust and smudges that had grown over the years
were abolished in one massive cleaning in arrears.
Who the house fairy might have been, she never quite determined,
but her house was clean and glowing, its corners all de-vermined.
At first she was in shock and astonished at the brass
of the home invasion, but then it came to pass
that she kind of liked the order, the cleanliness and polish.
She wondered who it was who might have come in to abolish
all of her disorder, her smudginess and mess,
replacing it with all this pristine loveliness.
She never found the answer, but to encourage even more,
for the whole rest of her life, she never locked the door!!!

Prompt words today are sparkle, unhinged, hovel, brighten and year.

Under, Over, Inside, Outside, Behind and Closer, Closer! B&W Unusual Perspective

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For Cee’s “Ununsual Perspective, B&W Challenge.”

Colorful Living

I couldn’t find a photo of one of my favorite houses when I did my first post, so I have to publish an addendum to my “Places People Live.” This is the house of my friend Candace, who loves color, as I do, and her husband Bob.  I’ve now added it to the collage, but for those of you who have already seen my earlier post, here is another wonderful place where wonderful people live, and HERE is the original post of all of the houses.



For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

Places People Live

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From Wyoming to Missouri, from Prince Edward Island to Mexico. from California to South Dakota to Minnesota, to Maryland  this is where and how people live. Ocean, lake, forest and plains, there is as much variety in where we live and the houses we live in as there is in our personalities.  Viva la Difference!!!

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

Inner and Outer: Thursday Doors, Oct 12, 2017

My sister’s beautiful and perfect house brought some surprises this trip.  The front door is being replaced, and in the meantime:

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For Thursday Doors.



Simplicity is something that I rarely do.
Why have only one of something when you could have two?
It takes a lot of veggies to come up with a stew,
and we’d do a lot of limping if confined to just one shoe.

Multiples are awesome. Multiples are grand.
Look how many fingers we have upon each hand.
One finger could not do the job. Neither could two or three.
Simple cannot form a hand, did not form you or me.

Simplicity’s much touted but I think it is absurd.
Who ever heard of stories comprised of just one word?
With a single raindrop, the world could not get wetter.
Sparsity may be more chic, but I like clutter better.

I don’t get minimalism. I’m a hoarder to the core.
When I ran out of wall room, I put art upon my door.
There are no piles in hallways. Hoarding need not be a sin.
I’ve built three rooms onto my house just to store things in.

With so many lovely things in life, collecting is a joy.
With life’s manifold choices, why be niggardly or coy?
At the ice cream parlor, why does one have to choose?
You need not always limit yourself just to ones and twos.

Have a scoop of strawberry and pineapple and mint.
Green tea is delicious and tequila’s heaven sent.
Load your dish with raspberry and coconut and mango.
Why do the simple two step when you could do the fandango?

In short, I am a gatherer. I have too many things.
I like to make the choices that a complex lifestyle brings.
When it comes to writing, a stuffed-full mind is fine!
Reach into words and shake them out and string them on a line.

A solitary animal will never make a zoo.
One grain of dirt, one drop of water cannot create goo.
A single cannon fired will not execute a coup.
The world just is not simple, nor am I and nor are you!


I’m having a yard sale of left-over words.  Below is the “free box.” Take what you will (please note that some of these items have been recently used, but all have been laundered and are ready for a new user):

coy ploy toy bore core 
simplicity complicity duplicity felicity
ooze booze cruise who’s whose choose lose blues news pews poos cues ruse sues twos views woos youse 
doozie floozie twozie
boo  goo hue loo moo new poo queue rue sue soo sioux too to you view woo you


Right in line with the theme of the poem, below are way too many photos.  If you want to see the details, you know what to do, right?  If you don’t, I’ll tell you.  Just click on the first photo and click on arrows to proceed through the photo gallery.  To come back here afterwards, click on the X in the upper left corner. 


We Gather Together

We Gather Together

X-Shaped-Hillside-House-Barcelona-3 (1)

This is not quite what I have in mind, but it was the only one-story X shaped house I could find on Google images.

I would love to have the money to build another house on the land I own that adjoins my own lot.  It would be one story high,  so as not to impede my view.  It would be in the shape of an “X” with a common area in the shape of a large donut in the middle. In the very center (the hole of the donut) would be an atrium with one or two large trees filled with hanging wire baskets stuffed with spagnum moss that would be the home of bromeliads and orchids.  The ring part of the donut would contain a kitchen, dining room and living room/game room–all interconnected but with sliding glass doors out to the atrium. Each of the arms of the X would have a bedroom, living room, bathroom and study/art studio.

At the end of the lot nearest the street and adjoining my studio with a little stile-like bridge that extends over the wall between the upper and lower lot would be a larger art studio with  saws, buffers, polishers and drills as well as more space for storage, group activities and classes.  The art studio would be on the second level, with a commodious elevator capable of taking larger sculptures and people down to street level.  Since that lot is much lower than my lot, the second story would be on the same level as my studio. The first level would be another living space that ties in with my main purpose for building this house.

I want to create a space where three or four of my friends or relatives could come to spend their old age.  If there were four, the space under the studio would be a living space for a caretaker/nurse/housekeeper.  If I got too feeble to live in my house, I’d move into one of the legs of the house below.  Otherwise, I could visit my friends or relatives there.  If it were necessary, a nurse or housekeeper/cook could occupy one of the legs of the “X.”  It would just be nice to be able to all be together to face old age as well as to keep each other young and silly for as long as possible.


This is a bit grand, and two-story, but shows that an X-shaped house could work. It is missing the middle donut shared area and atrium. (image from Google images)

The Prompt: Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.