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Last Social Outing Before Isolation!!!

These was a gathering at the house my across-the-street neighbors who have their house up for sale. Soon after, the coronavirus scare hit and I’ve only seen them at shouting distance since, except for yesterday when they delivered groceries. Sweet guys. Everyone was so photogenic that I had to share.

Life with Brian

Shortly after I dealt with Annie’s disappearance, I heard a boy’s voice from inside my house. It was Oscar, Yolanda’s son, with Brian, his sister Yoli’s chihuahua, resplendent in a red sweater with hood with big three-dimensional eyeballs on top. Pablo, Yolanda’s husband, has kidney failure and is going to have to undergo periodic dialysis in his home. For this reason there can be no animals in the house and they have two dogs. Up until now they’ve just put them in the spare fenced yard next door, but it is of course heartbreaking so guess who Brian’s next designated master is?  (Yoli, Yolanda’s daughter named him after a hero of hers–a character in a movie about cars. We cannot figure out who this character is.) UPDATE: The dr. decided the emotional harm to Pablo in losing Brian outweighed the harm of having a dog in the house  (Even the dr. was crying when he saw how upset Pablo was) so with the new air cleaning machine I gave Pablo for Xmas and their promises that Brian would be confined to Yoli’s room, the dr. gave his permission for them to bring Brian home. Everyone so happy. Brian the happiest. I have a video of his reaction when he saw the family again.. I’ll show it as soon as I get the sound off.  Won’t tell you why.

So far he gets along fine with Kukla, the female outside cat and Morrie, the Scottie, but he’s scared of Diego who is not mean but overenthusiastic and I heard a loud few yips when Ollie, the male outside cat, came home. So, for now he goes in the front garden with the cats when I’m gone or when he needs air and I’ll leave the door to the backyard open a bit so he can slip through the bars if he wants to go play with Morrie, but so he can escape from Diego if he needs to.

As for Annie? She absolutely ignores him. Pretends she’s asleep. Keep them permanently confused. That’s the secret of my success with animals. Only problem is that Brian insists on lying on my lap while I’m at the computer which is not very comfortable. Where he will sleep? Well, that is to be seen.


These are a few photos of the first ten hours of life with Brian.

The Dangers of Early Halloween Shopping

The Dangers of Early Halloween Shopping

Well, just a few more weeks before those little Halloweeners will be flooding through the gates of the Raquet Club. There are more every year and a few years ago we started all contributing candy and making up bags for each trick or treater and handing them out at the gate to the club. So, I made my trip to Walmart and bought 7 big bags of miniature Snicker bars and suckers, as well as a bag of chocolate chips so I could make cookies for my neighbors who are always bringing me shares of their suppers. I then made the mistake of bringing the Halloween candy into my house.

Instead of baking cookies, I  took a little nap, but awakened to that candy calling my name. I resisted for about 15 minutes before I tore a corner off one of the Snickers bags and had a single miniature Snickers bar––about one inch square.  I sealed up the bag. Tried to take my mind off it. Then felt suddenly thirsty and on my way to the water jug, had to pass very close to the chair the shopping bag holding all the candy was on. The bag that had been opened seemed to be saying something to me, so I leaned closer. “Eat me!”  Shades of Alice in Wonderland. I opened the bag and had just one more tiny piece of chocolate, caramel and peanuts before I called my next door neighbor and asked if I could bring the rest of the candy over to his house until it was time to take it down to the clubhouse to pack up the bags.

After he stopped laughing, he admitted it wouldn’t be much safer at his house. “You would eat my candy?” I queried. Shocked.

Well, no, he admitted. Probably not.  Were there Andes mint bars involved, he asked? No way. I don’t believe in mixing mint with anything but chewing gum. So he agreed and we met in the street outside our houses for the hand-over.

So, end of story until this Skype exchange between ForgottenMan and me.  By the way, the chocolate chips were still unopened in the cupboard. Cookies still unbaked at the time of this interchange a few minutes ago. The comments to the right are mine.


Forgottenman says I “might wanna” explain that an r&c is a rum and coke and g&t is a gin and tonic. I think he’s underestimating my audience!!  And thus go our evenings!! Somewhere I’m sure people are discussing great thoughts. Not so this evening with us.

Gloria’s Art and Photos

Gloria is home now but still doing her photo assignments. This is her last lovely batch.  Click on any photo to enlarge all.  I’m sure she’d enjoy hearing your impressions in the comments below. She doesn’t have a blog so I’m sharing these with you.

Her Majesty: Gloria’s Assignment, Day 5

Gloria’s Assignment, Day 5


photo by Gloria Palazzo “Her majesty.”

Click on photo to enlarge. This is a sculpture from my garden photographed by Gloria as part of her daily assignment while staying with me. She says she may resume her photography when she goes home as she hasn’t done it for some years.  Lucky for us.

Gloria’s Assignment, Day 4

Though we’re at day 14 of Gloria’s assignments, we’ve fallen a bit behind in posting her daily photos so I’m just labeling them as I post them. She’s going home tomorrow but perhaps she’ll continue to post. This batch is very intriguing. Click on photos to enlarge.

Assignment # 1

My friend Gloria is staying with me while she recovers from surgery. To get her up and walking, which the doctor ordered but which she seems loath to do, I gave her an assignment to walk around and take 10 photos a day. So far she hasn’t walked far, but here are some of the photos, more to follow:



Nancy in Swing Time (Kammie’s Fun Foto Challenge, Jan 17, 2019)

Nancy is the four-year-old daughter of Ellie, who cleans the house I rent in Jan and Feb once a week.  She’s gone from shy to playful and teasing. She didn’t know I was watching for most of this little sequence.  I was in the hammock on the other side of the porch:

Click any photo to enlarge all.

 For Kammie’s Oddball Challenge.