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Fast Action Photography!


I absolutely love this photo.  The tables in this little cafe are actually set up on the side of the street, as you can see.  I saw the milk truck coming and could see that its rear-vision side mirror was way too wide for comfort.  The waitress saw this at the same time and sprinted for the table to take down the umbrella. For once, I was successful in getting my camera out in time. I should learn to wear it around my neck, because every day there are so many photo opportunities that I miss.  Got this one, though!!!

For Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Little Boy Blue

Since I leave tomorrow to go back to Mexico, I must avail myself of the opportunity to photograph the elastic face of Forgottenman, nee Big Duck, as much as I can.  Here, he first reveals his confusion over how to choose from the varied menu at Perkins, then reflects on whether he made the correct choice, glories smugly over the fact that he believes he has, then fondly remembers meals of his past before just trying to adopt his intellectual pose and failing completely.  At any rate, all poses are adorable, and I do appreciate his role of chauffeur in driving me all over six different states to visit friends and relatives.  No greater love than to do the driving while I catch up on my blogging!

If you’d like to enjoy an even more detailed view of his countenance, click on the first photo to enlarge them all.  Lucky you.


The color prompt for Nancy’s Weekly photo challenge is “Blue” this week.

Challenged Relationship: Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge


Some relationships are doomed from the start. Truth is, his kisses came at too dear a price.




Little Duck’s Adventures: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge 2016, Week 30

Little Duck had many adventures at my house before flying off to live in Missouri.  These are the few adventures I caught him in.

Please click on first photo and arrows to enlarge photos and see the story line.


Living Hand to Mouth? Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, 2016 Week 15

IMG_5332 (1)

Thanks, Hirundine for the perfect title for this photo.



“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 19 – “Gap”

“Gap-toothed she was and sure to please!”  (One of my favorite lines from The Canterbury Tales! He is describing the bawdy wife of Bath.)

(Click on photos to enlarge and read captions.)