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Cutting Loose

Cutting Loose

When daylight breaks, bring in the paper
and over breakfast, plan a caper.
Crazy plans are fun to bake up.
Do your nails, put on some makeup.
Call in sick. Forsake your labors
and boggle all your friends and neighbors
by doing something crazy wild.
Reconnect your inner child.

A vital element in fun
is do not stop until you’re done.
Paint your house a vivid hue.
Then why stop there. Why not paint you?
Go for a boat ride, buy a bike.
Buy hiking boots and take a hike.
Wear funny clothes. Get a tattoo.

No end to things that you could do.

Turn your hems up, cut your hair.
(No one can see what’s under there.)
Take Santa Claus out on a date.
Most months he’s bored. Don’t hesitate!
When you are letting loose, please just
only do the things you must.
It’s vital that at least just once
you dare to play the fool or dunce

and take the chance to try to binge
and do what makes the whole world cringe.
It’s fun sometimes to be unique
in what we do or how we speak—
to be that person standing out
with anything that you can flout.
Life’s too short to always do
what the world expects of you!!!


Prompt words today were daylight, paper, boggle, vital and bake.

Pagans in a Modern Age: COB Challenge

Pagans in a Modern Age

A few years ago, three friends and I went on a scouting party to find new artists for the Maestros del Arte Feria. Somewhere near Puebla, we took a back road and chanced upon this strange sight.  We never did figure out what to make of it.
P4160185It was in farm country–no rare commodity in Mexico, where rural is the norm.  This farm looked modern in most respects.
P4160183But as we zeroed in on the details, it felt as though we were going back in time to some pagan rite.
P4160183_2Was it a joke? Some local custom? A random coincidence of someone finding the doll’s head and sticking it on the stick in the middle of the crop rows?  We’ll never know, but as you can see, I couldn’t resist pulling over to take a few shots.  Not the weirdest thing that happened on our trip, but certainly the weirdest sight.