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Puesta del Sol: Thursday Doors, Feb 14, 2019

Click on photos to enlarge images.

Friends Christine and Rick from Gabriola Island, Western Canada, have made it their goal to transform the small posada they stay in every year into a little boutique hotel. For the past two years, they’ve been effecting many changes, including these decorations around the doors of each room. The little haven is a beehive of activity with musicians, poets and artists all contributing their skills. I’m going there tonight for a Valentine’s dinner. Yes, I’ll take photos!


For Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors, Mar 22, 2018

This plain Jane door is perked up remarkably by these little interlopers. Click any photo to enlarge all.


For Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

Cruising Ocampo.: Thursday Doors, Oct 5, 2017

I love driving the cobblestones between Seis Esquinas and Rio Bravo.  Here’s a bit of what you’d see if you were to cruise along with me. Please click on the first photo to enlarge them all and wait a few seconds for them to focus:





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