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Looking in, Looking out: Thursday Doors, Nov 5, 2020

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I snapped the first photo with my phone one late night/early morning, returning to my house from the studio. The second is my studio from my chair, the third is Morrie and Diego coming to tell me it is midnight and time to bome back up to the house. If they aren’t inside the studio, they are usually as close to the door outside as possible, and never fail to come to try to lure me up to the house at midnight. The fourth photo is looking out from my studio to the lake and the third is perhaps not quite legit. Does a doorway qualify as a door?

For Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Across the Street: Thursday Doors, Jan 30, 2020


This is the ornate front door of my across-the-street neighbors, Brad and David. I came over to admire my newly-installed memorial for my roof dog Frida, now two years gone. Her ashes are inside so she can regain her former favorite spot on the dome of my house, surveying the neighborhood.

For Norm’s Thursday DoorsPrompt.