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The canvas is my suitor. It holds me in its sway,
seduces me with reaching arms that draw my brush its way.
I paint upon its surface and in turn it draws me out.
All those pains I hide inside on canvas learn to shout.

It stands mostly unnoticed when others are around,
attracting no attention and making not a sound,
but when alone, it prompts me to bare my soul to it,
and all the angst that crowds my mind finds a place to fit.

Written for this prompt: https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/08/01/what-do-you-see-145-august-1-2022/  Image by Marti Alonso @ Unsplash

Art Challenge #6: Sacred Spaces, The Kitchen

I’ve been falling behind on my posting for my friend Linda Levy’s Art Challenge to post ten examples of my art. The piece is one of a series of six depicting sacred spaces of women.

San Juan Cosala Women’s Invitational Writeup in the Guadalajara Reporter

Thanks, Bethany Putnam, for your lovely writeup of the San Juan Cosala Women’s Invitational Retablo show in the Guadalajara Reporter!! The show will remain up for two more weeks. You can view it from 10 to 2 or 4 to 8 Tuesday through Saturday at Isidro’s gallery 1/2 block west of Viva Mexico on Porfirio Diaz in San Juan Cosala. That is the street that runs along the lake side of the plaza.

Happy Group

This cheerful group of young ladies from San Juan Cosala visited me today to see my art boxes for inspiration for the ones they are creating for a competition I’m sponsoring.The show will be held a Isidro Xilonzochitl’s studio in San Juan on January 22. That’s Isidro in back.

These are the boxes  with bases that I bought to give to the participants.They will need to add a back before creating their own response to the challenge.

Here are a few of the boxes they saw at my house. These are all by me.

Click on photos to enlarge.

And here is another one by Belia Canals:

Can’t wait to see what these young ladies plus the four women who couldn’t come today create for the January show. This will be the first in a series of challenges and workshops I hope to conduct this year.