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Daniel’s Beach Bar

A La Manzanilla tradition is the gathering each night to watch the sunset on the beach behind Daniel’s real estate office and home.  I happen to rent the house next door and so nightly, even if I don’t always join them, I am still party to the sounds of laughter, talking and glug glug of tequila being poured into shot glasses.  On those rare occasions when there is phosphorescence on the water, the “Ohhhhhhhhh’s” come in loud waves and I run out to share the spectacle. Daniel’s beach bar is only one of the aspects of this special place that make it special, but it is one so familiar to me that I wanted to share it with both those who know it well as well as those of you who don’t. Not written to any prompt, this one is written from the heart and memory:


Daniel’s Beach Bar

The wormwood planks above the sand,
set on pillars by his hand,
form a bench twelve feet or so
where every night townspeople go
to watch the sun sink in the ocean
and (if they should have the notion)
to share a tequila shot or two,
to chew the fat and share the view.

He is a solitary man,
tall and skeletal and tan.
Shirtless and shoeless, he sits among
the friends, like him, no longer young,
who choose this life of sand and sea
where they can be what they want to be.

A bottle cap sufficient to stub
his cigar smoked down to  nub,
he leaves the ones who gather here,
and grabs another bottle of beer
to stroll back to his office where
for another hour, he’ll type and stare
at the screen where other friends abide,
locked securely there inside.

Tomorrow morning, the town asleep,
the village vagabond will sweep
the sand for butts of cigarettes,
his luck compounded when one forgets
a pack with one or two inside.

And though there’s no one there to chide,
still, he quickly palms them and
moves through last night’s littered sand––
past empty glasses and one or two
tequila bottles devoid of brew.

Last night’s spoils in light of day,

give last night’s revelries away.

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Tequila Sunset

Tequila Sunset

Another sunset and another tequila sendoff at Daniel’s place next door.  Tonight was a large and happy crowd. 

IMG_1664Version 2IMG_1659IMG_1660IMG_1662IMG_1661IMG_1663IMG_1665IMG_1666

Next door, Lora Loca was serving fish and chips and dancing flamenco with another friend.  Unfortunately, my pictures were all blurred, but when a mariachi group later dropped by to play and the flamenco dancer got up to dance again, I heard the music from next door and ran over to try to click a few more pictures. Again, I forgot to turn on the flash so the pictures we all unusable, except for this fellow, who donned a sombrero and decided he’d like flamenco lessons:



And these folks who were greatly entertained by his efforts.

When I got home, Bobino visited for the second time today.


Having investigated the dish I’d put the last of his salmon in earlier this evening and finding it wanting, (see it behind him) he wandered into the living room.


He seemed to be interested in the dish I’d eaten yogurt from earlier.


And executing a graceful leap, he tidied up the bowl.


Curled his lip, extended his tongue.  Cat language for “Hope you can do better on the morrow!”  Ran under the couch and eventually, out the door.  Night, Bobino!!!