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Mr. Blue and Friends: Tuesday Photo Challenge-Blue

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For: https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/08/29/tuesday-photo-challenge-blue-2/

NaPoWriMo Day 4, 2017: Number 9 Blues

Number 9 Blues

Those eyes,
that song,
a bird the color
of the moon
we met under.

The wind
a ribbon of sadness.
Cold hands,
broken heart—
all the hue
of a trumpet’s lonely staccato.

http://www.napowrimo.net/day-four-5/ The prompt was to write an enigma poem.  Every line in this poem has something in common. Up to you to make the connection.

Little Boy Blue

Since I leave tomorrow to go back to Mexico, I must avail myself of the opportunity to photograph the elastic face of Forgottenman, nee Big Duck, as much as I can.  Here, he first reveals his confusion over how to choose from the varied menu at Perkins, then reflects on whether he made the correct choice, glories smugly over the fact that he believes he has, then fondly remembers meals of his past before just trying to adopt his intellectual pose and failing completely.  At any rate, all poses are adorable, and I do appreciate his role of chauffeur in driving me all over six different states to visit friends and relatives.  No greater love than to do the driving while I catch up on my blogging!

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The color prompt for Nancy’s Weekly photo challenge is “Blue” this week.

Dreams of Flying

 daily life color158 (1)

Dreams of Flying

Lying on my back in clover, I was sky blue––
wishing for the wings of night
that lifted me, unsurprised,
to hover and then swim the air
above the ordinary.

Sixty years later in the green Pacific,
buoyed as expertly in the waters of reality
as by my dreams of youth,
I see blue sky above me
and know I am a part of it
even here below
where I float in the arms of ordinary,
knowing it to be enough.

Version 2DSCN1098


More Pacific Blues

Duke and Daisy accompanied us to Tenacatita.  After the rains and high winds we’ve been having, it was too choppy to snorkel, so we all roamed the beach.  I picked up three bags of coral and shells from the beach and totally sliced open one water shoe. But, how could I be blue?  I left that to the ocean.

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