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Governor of Jalisco’s Statement re/ Coronavirus. Compare to our President!!!


Governor of Jalisco, Ernesto Alfaro Ramirez, just released this statement:

“Today is the day with the most deaths by #COVID19 in the country and also with more infections detected by #RadarJalisco in our state.
In a single day 424 deaths in Mexico and 98 new infections in Jalisco. Nothing else here already add up to 95 human losses to regret since the pandemic started. That’s the reality.
Hopefully it will serve to understand that this is not over yet and that we don’t have to wait for it to happen to ours to react. This is a race of endurance and getting well waged depends on everyone and everyone.
The fight against the pandemic is not a responsibility of the government, but for the social behavior and co-responsibility of the people.
Today marks 15 days of the past bridge (holiday weekend) for May 5th and just nine days since Mothers Day. It’s no coincidence. It is the consequences of those who left home without having to, of those who decided to hold get-togethers and put their most loved ones at risk.
#StayHome. Every one who decides to go out on the street without strictly necessity, you are putting yourself, your loved ones and others at risk. If we do it right, we move forward; if we do it wrong, economic reactivation will be slower and we will have more deaths to regret.”

This is how an educated and empathetic leader speaks. how embarrassing to compare it to POTUS!!!!