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Letting the Fish Guide the Way



Letting the Fish Guide the Way

I have a side that is concise. It likes to plan and learn,
but it’s a side that I have found I sometimes have to spurn
to follow something else in me that doesn’t know quite where
it may next be going, and doesn’t really care.

Fate is a fish I follow: brilliant, sleek and swift.
It isn’t anything I’ve earned. It’s simply fortune’s gift.
If I give up and follow, the currents that it chooses
lead to healing waters that soothe my cuts and bruises.

I follow where it it leads me, sometimes swimming blind,
dealing with what ‘s dealt to me, working with what I find,
moving through life’s currents, living from day-to-day.
It works to turn the radar off. The fish can lead the way.

The prompt words today are fish, concise and learn. Thanks to my husband Bob whose line  in a poem “letting the fish guide the way” I have borrowed.


A Sandy Congregation

I love what congregates around the sea.—not the open sea. Rather, where it meets the land. (Photos will enlarge when you click on them.)

 DSC00436P2220075_2_2DSC01772DSC01117DSC00126DSC00439DSC00516P2220114 - Version 2DSC00164DSC00892

love sand and the things it collects: seashells, jellyfish, sand dollars, starfish, puff fish, sand pipers, sea turtles and even the people who collect at the beach.  It is like they have retreated as far as possible–the next step is either a boat or drowning!  They tend to be individuals, slightly odd–kind of like the people from the western world who congregate in third world locales like Africa.  Perhaps they are this age’s pioneers or trappers.

DSC02177DSC01877DSC02041DSC02222wpid-img_20150312_155316.jpgDSC09684DSC00501DSC00416 - Version 2_2


Oh yes.  I do love the oceanside, the beach.  Salt. Sand.  I love what collects above the beach as well: frigate birds and pelicans, ibises, sun, moon, clouds.  Above are some of the thousands of images of the beach I’ve collected over the past ten years or so.

I would have to say that my muse is the sea–but not the open sea. Rather, where it meets the land.


I admit, this is a reblog of photos from three years ago. The prompt word today was congregate.

Cees Black and White Photo Challenge, Sepia


 This fish and the other objects in the first picture were found in exactly this position on the beach. I was fascinated by the beauty of the arrangement and the details of the fish that was not a fisherman’s catch but had obviously died either before or after it washed ashore.

(Click on first picture and then on arrows to enlarge photos and view gallery.)