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Fish Eye: Oddball Challenge, 2/19/2017


The sun was a fortunate accomplice in this shot of the successful fisherman observed by onlookers—one wielding a fishing pole himself.

For Cee’s Oddball Challenge.

Water Sport: Oddball challenge, 2016, Week 20


I love this photo and I’ve been saving it  because it has never quite fit in to any challenge..Then it occurred to me that this is the purpose of the odd-ball challenge! I love it because of everything that is going on.  The little boy “shooting” his brother with water ammo, the stance of the little girl, the fishing poles of the fishermen repeating the lines of the water guns and the other swimmers and fisherman in the surf.  One thing I love about the beach is that there is always something going on––a fact perfectly represented by this photo.



Beached!  More Adventures and Misadventures of a Reforming Compulsive Blogger.

Busy day.  A few fish, a few fisherman and a few pelicans returned to a beach that has been empty of all of them for the past few days.  New neighbors moved in upstairs–Pat and Nancy, reformed English teachers from Michigan.  A bit of beach combing, then talked to Angie, local beach jewelry vendor, who is going to macrame some sample bracelet cords for me to see if they’d work better than the wire and wax-linen wrapped button bracelets I’ve been making.  Once Angie left, Candace came with sewing machine to make some cloth prototypes for bracelets.  We tinkered all afternoon and think we’ve come up with a design.  I’ll sew on buttons tonight to see how they work but for now I’m going for a beach dinner up the beach and then to either a storytelling or salsa dancing…Undecided at this point.  All those buttons so neatly sorted on the table above were mixed up in three big bins when I started out to sort them last night.  Finally finished at 4:30 in the morning.  It is called obsessive compulsive!