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72 Down, 40 to Go

My 72nd Birthday highlights included a trip to the other side of the lake to scope out a site for our next writers’ retreat. Amelia drove Harriet and me over to the incredibly beautiful lakeside resort where they made us a deal we couldn’t turn down, so in November, eight of us will journey back for a lovely three days of writing under the tutelage of Judy Reeves, a wonderful workshop leader from San Diego, CA, who has been herding us together and getting us in line for three-day retreats for the past five years. The resort director treated us to breakfast and a tour. Only one other table was filled in the dining room–with a couple and their toddler son, who was kept busy with a ziplock bag full of tiny cars.

I left at 9:00 and was home by noon to survey the $60 worth of plants I had bought for my own birthday present to myself. I’d laid the main grouping of seven plants out for Pasiano to plant in my front garden in a large metal chest 30″ X 20″ X 22″ and left the rest of the zinnias, dusty miller and kalanchoe for him to plant as he wished. Here are the flowers I had arranged for him to plant:

And here is one of his arrangements of dusty miller and zinnias which I love:


At 2:30, Pepe came by for our usual Wednesday massage session. I worked on a story I’m doing for a local magazine, fed the canine and feline troops and was off to meet Sandy for dinner at 6.

When we arrived at the restaurant in Ajijic, a young couple with baby was sitting at the next table. Since I was facing them, I watched their interactions with interest. With this morning’s family that I had observed in the resort an hour or more away from Ajijic, the mother had spent most of the time dealing with the toddler, but I noted with satisfaction that with this family, the father was doing most of the care-taking. It wasn’t until they brought out a ziplock bag of tiny cars for him to play with that I realized it was the same family! What are the chances? Not only were we over an hour away from where we had last seen them, but out of the 100 or so restaurants in Ajijic, we had not only picked the same one again, but were at neighboring tables!

Soon another family took the table that formed a rectangle with our table and that of the young couple and their son. They had a little girl of about the same age. I noted how well-behaved she was and her doting parents and grandparents, but it wasn’t until the end of the meal when they brought out a plate of cupcakes with candles that I realized she, too, was celebrating her birthday! Earlier I had greeted the other family and noted I’d been at the same resort as them that morning for breakfast. Now I had to go over and ask the other family how old their baby was. When they said 2, I admitted that it was my birthday as well, but that I had 70 years head start on her. We chatted a bit and I returned to my table, but when they left the restaurant, they presented me with a cupcake to celebrate our mutual birthday. Very sweet, both the action and the cupcake.  Here is my friend Sandy who treated me to my birthday dinner with the cupcake which she insisted I take home, which I did, and that I have since enjoyed:


Thanks for all the good wishes from present and long-ago friends.  A lovely, laid-back casual birthday. xoxoxoxo

The Real Marigold on Tour Comes to Ajijic.

Lookie, Lookie!

The latest excursion for this BBC show on retirement spots all over the world is Guadalajara and Ajijic, including the fraccionamiento where I live–the Raquet Club! There are several people featured that I know.The first woman shown in the pool at the start of the video is my friend Lety.  She is also shown at the end of the video. The pool they are in is two blocks from my house and the view you see is my view.  If you are viewing this from elsewhere, wanna come visit?


This is Chapala

In case you are curious about why I would choose to live in Mexico, given its present bad press, here is a video about the place where I live that might explain why.

jdbphoto, 2015, Mount Garcia and lake from Chapala Yacht Club

Trees as Canvas, May 27, 2018


I think the Children from the nearby Lake Chapala Society Children’s Saturday Art Class have been spending some time in the shade of these trees lately. (Click on any tree to increase size of photos.)



For Becca’s Sunday Trees prompt.

Tile House: Thursday Doors Challenge

Entrance to the Tile House
Fraccionamiento La Floresta, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

IMG_9164.jpgIf you think this front door is wild, you should see the rest of the house! Although I was told  it was built by John Robert Powers who founded the Powers Modeling Agency, I later received this comment from Adriana Cornejo, who seems to know much more about the house than I do.  Thanks, Adriana. One of the things I like best about blogging is how much I’ve learned from comments expanding or pointing out misinformation in my blogs. Here is what Adriana says: 

Walter Thornton the owner (not John Robert Powers, who was his competitor) spent 30 years building this house. He bought the house when it was under construction and added many rooms through the years. He traveled to Guadalajara very often to buy tile and had it delivered to the house. Then he worked on the designs, his hands where always blistering from the cement. He employed 2 to 3 people at all times, all this while raising 6 kids. He wanted to build 6 bungalows, one for each kid, but he died before this could happen. The property has 3 bungalows. You can check his bio HERE.

IMG_9164 (1)

Look below at barbwit’s comment if you’d like to see another fantastic tile house in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Dykstra-Brown, Tile House

“Genius” With All The Trimmings!!!

“Genius” With All The Trimmings!!!

Pretty tall tree.  How’s the best way to trim it? 


Everyone’s been wondering, and soon there’s not an employee to be found from housewares to car accessories.  They’ve all gathered for the show.IMG_7936

Because someone has come up with an smart idea.
IMG_7937 Just put a guy up on the tallest wheeled ladder they have–perhaps the one for changing ceiling lightbulbs?IMG_7938

And station a guy below, not just to hold it steady,IMG_7939

But to wheel him around the tree. If he just doesn’t get dizzy, the perfect way to wind the lights around, stepping down a step or two every revolution.  Somebody deserves a raise for thinking this one up!  (The store is Walmart, in Ajijic, Mexico.  Yes Emily, there is at least one Walmart store in every sizable town in Mexico!)