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Plaza Scene in the Time of the Coronavirus

Plaza Scene in the Time of the Coronavirus

Birds pick at rice
gone stale on the steps of the church.
Doors closed,
no choir sings matins
on this Sunday morn.

Rolling over in their beds
or gathered around the breakfast table,
the faithful listen to the mass
broadcast over speakers
loud enough to be heard a mile away,

while belligerent teens, sabotaging
their parents’ careful advice,
make the green benches
in the plaza across the street

their communal habitat.


Prompt words for today are belligerent, care, sabotage, rice and habitat.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Isolated Subjects

This single post sticking up far from the shore of Lake Chapala is the epitomy of isolation, but as I zoomed in on it, I learned more of its story.



It is in fact a handy perch for this solitary night heron.

Cee’s prompt was “Isolated Subjects.”