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Leftover Anthuriums FOTD Mar 2, 2019


This little green anthurium plant has been blooming for 14 months since Brad and Dave gave it to me for Xmas last year.  When I got home, three of the flowers had turned yellow.  I trimmed off the brown edges and repurposed them!

For Cee’s FOTD prompt.

Anthurium: Flower of the Day Apr 7, 2016

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These anthuriums I found in the Cafetto Saga entrance seem like the gnomes of anthuriums–suitable for a coffee shop that sports fairies in its decor.  It is where we have been holding the girls’ dance lessons–which last night officially turned into a girls’ yoga class.  I’ll post pictures later. In the meantime, I was fascinated by these warty renditions of one of my favorite flowers.  Some parasite, no doubt, but what Hobbitish beauty they have brought to this plant.