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Tabachine: Flower of the day, July 5, 2018

Here the flowers are the stars, but If you want to see way more tabachines with butterflies and Morrie, go HERE.

For another of Cee’s very best flower shots, IMHO, look HERE.

Wednesday in the Hammock with Morrie

There is a commentary that goes with these photos.  To see it and to enlarge them all, click on the first photo. The arrow on the right of the photo will take you to the next photo.  Have fun! Morrie and I want to share our afternoon with you. He’s narrating.

Tabachine: Flower of the Day, June 16, 2018


This tabachine bush near my studio was swarming with fluttering black butterflies, but they moved so quickly that I couldn’t get a shot.  I have a video of them taken a few years ago, and it is like a ballet—their graceful swooping, bending and departing.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Tabachine: Flower of the Day, July 20, 2017


A few days ago I showed a different color of tabachine.  This is the more usual color—and my favorite.  Butterflies love them.  So do I.  Although my gardener calls the small bush varieties of the poinciana tabachine and the large tree varieties flamboyan, sites on the internet call the larger variety both tabachine and Royal Poinciana and this smaller variety a dwarf poinciana.

For Cee’s Flower Prompt.

Tabachine: Flower of the Day, July 17, 2017


This is such an unusual color of tabachine.  They are usually vivid yellow and orange.

Love them against this vivid fuchsia wall.

For Cee’s Flower Prompt.