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Our Better, Nature


Our Better, Nature

We hoard her in our gardens where we force her into plots,
confine her in our vases, crowd her into pots.
Ambitious men plan towers—trade grass and trees for gold.
They overlook one simple fact. We’re all in nature’s hold.
Man’s illustrious plots and schemes always come to naught,
for the power of nature can’t be sold or bought.

I found it in the city, extending from the curb—
a simple little chain of green, a subtle rus-in-urbe.
Where men would install order, nature overrules.
Those trying to best nature are always proven fools.
For eons, we have buried her, time and time again.
Yet still she prods up from her grave. Nature will always win.


The prompt words today are order, hoard, illustrious and rus-in-urbe.

One Word Photo Challenge: Shamrock

DSCF1785 DSCF1865 - Version 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC08892 DSC09208 DSC07280

What fun to look back a few years to look for photos to meet this challenge.  The first one of the bird in the water plants was taken on a trip to Peru several years ago.  This particular picture was taken on a pond near the Amazon.  The picture of the ant was also taken in the rainforest on that trip.The Mayan woman is a fountain that I commissioned and that spilled water into my pool.  Unfortunately a workman tipped it over and broke it a few years ago and the new one I paid for  and commissioned has never appeared.  Nor has the artist I paid to make it.  Sob. The gold colored building is my studio and that little cactus in front of it is now at least 30 feet high. The water lilies are on a pond in the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic–the town I live near in Mexico, and the green moth flew on to my computer screen a year or so ago and actually had a poem dedicated to it.  It was very tiny and only a little bit less green than this picture depicts it to be.  Thanks for taking this journey through green with me! If you want to see larger versions, just click on the pictures.