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Fleur de lis: Flower of the Day, Feb 28, 2017

Version 2

I love the fleur de lis-like squiggles at the center of this zinnia.  Vive la macro!!!

Written in answer to Cee’s daily flower prompt.

Keeping it Simple (Cee’s Compose Yourself, Week 4)

                                                         Keeping it Simple

Show us 4 to 6 photos that you have taken that are extremely simple.  Show us your uncropped and unedited versions.  Sharpening and saturation is allowed.

IMG_5609 IMG_5518 Version 5IMG_6438 IMG_6485 IMG_6059This is some sort of strange antenna that was coming out of a very old building.  I would love to crop off that bottom fuzzy part, but the rule is no cropping!  I was in the car, stopped at a stop light, so couldn’t back off to get a further view but may to back to do so.  So strange, the juxtaposition of the old and new.
IMG_5371 (1)The plant itself isn’t simple, but the fact that it is a single object and the simplicity of the background caused me to include this picture.

                                        Extra credit for Gold Star Award

Cropping: show us one before and after cropped simplicity photo.

Version 2 IMG_5389 (1)
Color vs. B&W: show us the same photo one color and one black and white photo.

Version 2 Version 3