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Smiled At

Smiled At

The effervescence of your smile
has me soaring mile on mile.
I’m tremulous within your bubble,
It’s elementary. I’m in trouble!

I travel on the lift of you,
billowy in glimmer’s hue.
Transparent from the very start
in what I carry within my heart.

It was as though, once trapped indoors, 
you opened in me all the doors.
And now I float out, high and free,
bearing your smile along with me.


Prompts today are effervescence, elementary, tremulous, indoor, glimmer, billowy.

Pearly Whites: Cee’s Fun foto Challenge, Smiles 2016/08/02


You’ve seen all these before, but not together.  I love how distinctive each person’s smile is and these are some of my favorites.


Cee’s BW Photo Challenge, Heads

(Click on first photo and then arrows to enlarge and view photos.)