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Layers: Tuesdays of Texture Week 36, Sep 12, 2017


I love the layers even within the layers in this photo snapped while driving by! Why were those bricks laid so unevenly? Was that why the stucco came off in this area? Did the jutting bricks mean there was less stucco and so it was weaker?

No accident ensued as a result of this shoot. If moving with no chance to pull over, I take a fast glance, then avert eyes back to my driving as I hold the camera up at eye level on the side of my head and and click away, then later crop. Some shots just can’t be missed.  Luckily, there was no traffic behind me when I saw this potential shot, so I was able to stop and click it out of the car window.

Uncropped, unlevelled. Drive-by Shooting.


Chipping Away: Tuesdays of Texture 35, Sept 5, 2017

Time, weather and man are the elements that eventually diminish a tree, turning the ground around it into a graveyard of its bits.  This initial stage of decay has a beauty all its own.