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African Tulip Tree: Flower of the Day, March 5, 2017:

IMG_1501 (1).jpg

Sighted these blooms on an African Tulip tree across the street from Martin’s Restaurant, where we conduct our weekly writers group. The roof had a piece of plastic tarp hanging down from it that flapped in the wind, obscuring this view.  I had to take a few to finally get this.  My favorite tree.  I had a yellow one in my yard that was blocking my last view of the lake so sadly I had to cut it down.


Tenacatita Driftwood: Sunday Trees 273

Lots of coral washed ashore at coral beach, Tenacatita, Mexico, as well as this beautiful big tree. Lest you think it is a mere tumbleweed, I’ve included another photo to show its scale.



Posted for Becca’s Sunday Tree prompt.

More Mystery Tree Blooms: Flower of the Day, Jan 11, 2017

This is my favorite stage of bloom for this tree.  At this point, the blooms look like something out of Dr. Seuss. Sort of goofy. We need more goofy in our lives, so I’m sharing them:

(Click on photos to enlarge.)


To see other stages of blooming–all present on the same tree/bush at the same time, go HERE and HERE.

Flower of the Day – January 11, 2017 – Begonia

Berry Beautiful: Flower of the Day, Jan 9, 2017

I don’t know what bush/tree this was at the carwash, but it was exhibiting every stage of blooming at the same time—from first buds to flowers to these amazing clusters of berries.  I took seventeen shots, and got a clean car to boot!  I’ll show other stages later.

Click on first photo to enlarge both.