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Sunday Trees, Apr 23, 2017

Version 2

I planted this Royal Poinciana tree sixteen years ago.  It now shades 1/3 of my front garden as well as a good bit of the street.  These seed pods grow to a couple of feet in length.

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Bougainvillea: Flower of the Day, Apr 17, 2017


IMG_3667jdbphoto 2017

Few besides this fellow climb as high as the bougainvilleas do.

This was how high up he eventually got, and other palms he climbed this day were twice as high!


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African Tulip Tree: Flower of the Day, March 5, 2017:

IMG_1501 (1).jpg

Sighted these blooms on an African Tulip tree across the street from Martin’s Restaurant, where we conduct our weekly writers group. The roof had a piece of plastic tarp hanging down from it that flapped in the wind, obscuring this view.  I had to take a few to finally get this.  My favorite tree.  I had a yellow one in my yard that was blocking my last view of the lake so sadly I had to cut it down.