Plus One: The Eighth Deadly Sin: (A Dating Primer for Errant Males)

Plus One: The Eighth Deadly Sin:
(A Dating Primer for Errant Males)

Wrath and avarice and pride
can be safely kept inside.
So although we all may be them,
it is often hard to see them.

If you are a seasoned actor,
sloth will never be a factor
leading to your firing
or premature retiring.

Often envy, I confess,
is one more way that I transgress;
but even though we’re caught inside it,
almost all of us can hide it.

Lust is the sin that’s most unfurled
upon us in this modern world
in every book and magazine.
In movies? It’s in every scene.

And though sex is oft debated,
we only label them X-rated;
and though we profess to abhor them,
in solitude, we may adore them.

Gluttony’s the only sin
we cannot seem to keep within;
for everything that meets our lips,
alas, is carried on our hips!

Each is labeled “deadly sin”—
the one outside, others within;
but I’m inclined to add another
perhaps not taught you by your mother.

These deadly sins from one to seven
may be what keep you out of heaven,
but it’s transgression number eight
that will ban you as my date!

You may talk as you pour wine,
and continue as we dine;
but when I start to tell a tale,
heaven help the errant male

who utters “Me, too . . . ” then proceeds
to list more of his facts and deeds.
As music fades and lights all dim,
bringing the subject back to him!

I know that sinning is the fate
of many couples on a date.
So lust may now and then corrupt me,
but no one gets to interrupt me!!!!

14 thoughts on “Plus One: The Eighth Deadly Sin: (A Dating Primer for Errant Males)

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  2. granonine

    Ah, yes. I love my interrupter, and we’ve had 45 good years. I understand that it’s his ADD that turns on his mouth before I’m done, and most of the time I can bear it with good grace. There are times, however, when I lost control and sweetly ask him to SHUT UP 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. grieflessons Post author

      Hi Juleska–Thanks for visiting and commenting! Unfortunately, I’ve found that anyone you have to tell is so far gone that it won’t make any difference. Not just men, though, to be fair. As a matter of fact, I just left someone who talked for 1/2 hour straight and then when I started to tell a story, told me she was tired and had to sleep! So guys, don’t feel I’m picking on you. Both sexes have members of this genre of maddening people! Hope to see you again, Jule…Judy


  3. john flanagan

    Fine perceptive piece, Judy, an excellent summation of our shortcomings. i LOVE the take on gluttony…from lips to hips..yes! and your ending is tolerance for interruption
    and rightly so. Good one!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. grieflessons Post author

    Thanks, John, for your appreciation of my ditty. These are so much fun to write that I may never get back to serious writing! Like starting with dessert and never getting to the main course. At any rate, I appreciate your following! Judy


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