Pining for the Prompt

Pining for the Prompt

Checking e-mails, cooking curry.
Where’s the prompt? Please hurry, hurry!
Not a mother, not a wife,
But still, WordPress, I have a life!

I need to go to buy some rice,
and a shower would be nice.
I’d like to take a swim and then
comb OkCupid for some men.

Instead, I sit like some blog glutton,
staring at my “renew” button.
Is every minute too excessive?
Every hour too regressive?

I understand this sleeping in
on Sunday’s really not a sin.
For, however, those who wait,
it feels like you’ve stood up your date!

That we adore you goes unsaid,
(We know you probably aren’t paid.)
But if all Sunday you plan to snore,
could you please prompt the night before?

(Note:  The prompt was finally posted at 11:43 PM.  Now the question is, is this today’s late prompt or tomorrow’s early one?  Always a new thrill in the world of blogging!!!  Since I’ve already written four poems today, guess I will think of this prompt for tomorrow, or not at all.  Anyway, I think with a prompt this late it was fair to choose my own, don’t you? Happy blogging.)

15 thoughts on “Pining for the Prompt

  1. Patti

    But for you, “no prompt” turns into a prompt. You are well and truly hooked, which is great for all your daily readers.


    1. okcforgottenman

      It’s a grave situation, Patti. I agreed to monitor the Daily Prompt webpage (and put a link to her blog entries today) while she swims & showers before a dinner guest arrives at 6. Otherwise, I think she would still be sitting at her desk, refreshing the Daily Prompt page every few seconds. Yes, we may have to start thinking about staging an intervention. Now, excuse me while I check for the Prompt again – I haven’t checked in almost 3 minutes.


  2. mamta chakravorty

    Hi Judy, take a prompt from me then..write something for me today…Junior, was down with one of his wheezing attacks this weekend…maybe something for his mum to feel positive and energetic again.


  3. alienindirtyromania

    A science-so the Savants say,
    “Comparative Anatomy”-
    By which a single bone-
    Is made a secret to unfold
    Or some rare tenant of the mold,
    Else perished in the stone-

    So to the eye prospective led,
    This meekest flower of the mead
    Upon a winter’s day
    Stands representative in gold
    Of Rose and Lily,manifold,
    And countless Butterfly!


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