Rum Dumb

Rum Dumb

Beer is tacky. Wine’s a joke.
My preference is Rum and Coke.
Squeeze a lime in. Take a sip
to cool your throat and wet your lip.
My favorite form of inebriation
is always Cuba Libre-ation.

The Prompt: Pick Your Potion—What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

13 thoughts on “Rum Dumb

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    1. grieflessons Post author

      Good boy! I drink less and less as it makes me sleepier and sleepier! Margaritas mid-day? No way. Now and then a Rum and Coke if in jovial company. That’s about it. I’m enjoying your story. Need to see if it is posted. Will Terry remain a gleam in the lady’s eye? Let’s go see! Judy


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    1. grieflessons Post author

      Must admit, Diet Coke is my thing. Preferably without caffeine…and anejo Bacardi rum only…and real limes, none of those plastic squeezy things and definitely no Rose’s lime. We all have our little peculiarities, do we not?

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  4. Eileen the Artful Crafter

    That was my mother’s favorite. That’s a pretty retro drink. I can’t boast, mine’s a good old-fashioned screwdriver.


  5. grieflessons Post author

    And, speaking of old-fashioned, I used to drink those, too! I believe i had my first one at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. My first time to legally order a drink in a bar. I was still under-age in the states!



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