Wise Thoughts Unsaid and Unremembered

Wise Thoughts Unsaid and Unremembered

The perfect reply that I hadn’t yet thought of
but figured out later? I have had a lot of;
but the problem is that now they still can’t be gotten,
for though once I had them, I now have forgotten!

It’s true.  Great retorts are jewels in the crown,
but truer that one has to write them all down!
And it’s best that you write them down lickety-splickly,
for though they come slowly, they seem to go quickly!

The Prompt:  We’ve all had exchanges where we came up with the perfect reply—ten minutes too late. Tell us what it was, being sure to sign off with your grand slam unused zinger!

8 thoughts on “Wise Thoughts Unsaid and Unremembered

    1. grieflessons Post author

      If only we had IM built into our brains so we could pick up our own messages to ourselves in the morning! My other favorite place for great thoughts is in heavy traffic! Judy


    2. Bruce Ruston

      That is so true, followed by darn I should have said that. One great comment I had with someone was ‘ hmm see this line, well when electricity flows the whole show goes’ Or something like that. Strangely didn’t go down to well 😀 The four in the morning was however ‘hmm was that to far!’


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  2. Ann O'Neal Garcia

    You’re funny and cute! I love splickly and quickly rhyming. I used to teach school brilliantly in my thoughts as I fell asleep, but do you think the oh-so-eloquent words spilled out of me the next day?



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