Dishwasher Blues

Dishwasher Blues

It really goes beyond my wishes
to have to load the dirty dishes
into the dishwasher each day.
I’d rather read or sleep or play.
But since I know I’ll never meet
a plate or glass or spoon with feet
to walk itself across the floor
and open up the washer’s door,
I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet.
Reach out for the door and pull it.
Load the glasses on the top,
Load the plates so they don’t flop.
Wedge in all I can and then
commit that common loading sin.
I’ll put some plastic cup in last
where it’s not held secure and fast
so it flips over and fills up
with water to top of the cup
So when I open up the door
it soaks the dishes and the floor.
So, though the loading is a curse,
Unloading’s what I hate the worse!!!!

WordPress offers alternate prompts for those of us who have already written about today’s prompt.  The prompt I’ve chosen to substitute for today’s prompt is The Chain Gang: Write about doing some task that you hate to do.

Here is today’s prompt if you haven’t already read it.

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