One Word Photo Challenge: Melon

Jennifer Wells’ photo challenge this week is to publish photos making use of the color of melon, depicted below:



The light-saturated red of the floor as well as tones in the bamboo echo the melon of the prompt. The scrim effect is created by a mosquito netted wall between the bedroom and studio area of the tree house I rented in La Manzanilla. I enjoyed my month of birdlike existence in a coconut grove that adjoined a bird sanctuary just blocks from the ocean.


When I saw the color for this challenge, I knew at once which pictures to search for. I’ll never forget those pastel melon and purple sunsets, which alternated with more vivid orange and yellow sunsets–never two the same.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

7 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Melon

    1. lifelessons Post author

      There was a spiral staircase…The kitchen was on the first floor–made entirely of adobe. The treehouse was built on top of it–all bamboo. The bathroom was in the house next door so necessary to go down the spiral staircase and to take a sidewalk to the bathroom…It was like summer camp! No, I didn’t have to climb the tree…ha. It was in the treetops, though. Woodpeckers were my alarm clock every morning and I could look out and see men in the treetops throwing down coconuts…

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