Street Animals

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Street Animals

In a house, I like a presence
not my own
and I like contributing
to some other creature’s pleasure.
I prefer cats, but dogs prefer me.

These animals
are drawn into my life
as though by a magnet,
but it is yet to be determined
which is the magnet–
them or me.

Nonetheless, here we are.
They bark their language of in and out.
I motion my language of sit before being fed.

The cats do not enter since the second dog moved in.
One sits on the front wall to be fed and ventures no closer.
The other moved to  dogless neighbors.
I am a resting place in their karma.
They come and go at will.

While the dogs, compliant prisoners,
escape through some careless open door when they can,
in minutes, they come home again
to walls and gates and high scalable domes
where they can watch that world
they have been saved from.

WordPress Prompt:Menagerie–Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

15 thoughts on “Street Animals

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Mark. I’ve often had that sensation–that everything that happens in my life isn’t about me. (Although as a single person, too often it is.) I’ve also had the thought that when thing after thing goes wrong that it is slowing me down and if I heed the signs, perhaps saving me from disaster. Both my friend and I got ill before our trip and left a day late as a result. When her illness didn’t prompt her to put off the departure date, I got so ill that we had to. Who knows what would have occurred if we hadn’t delayed? Perhaps superstition but I’ve learned to heed intuition.

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    Yes I have been invaded by both. Two dogs one a Great Dane, he is Master of the house also top guard, no one dare enter. Yet a true pup inside a lover. My other dog is wonderful, but shedds to badly to be aloud in. The Cat who knows, walk’s to a different drummer, all the animals fear him. A truly, lovable group.

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  3. dorannrule

    I wish I were a magnet too! How lucky your critters are to have you – and you them. We lost our last dog a year or so ago and the empty space is a chasm. Trying very hard to resist filling it so we can experience freedom for awhile.

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