Lesson from the Garden of Eden––WP Daily Prompt/Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

Version 2

Lesson from the Garden of Eden

When Adam tripped on Eden’s portal,
Eve could not resist a chortle.
She found she loved this new sensation––
her first encounter with jubilation.

Day by day, she watched him jiggle.
Without clothes, he made her sniggle.
Meanwhile, he admired her wiggle
and secretly, he learned to giggle.

Day in, day out, behind their knuckles
they resorted to these chuckles
privately, not knowing the other
also had tee-hees to smother.

Where things before had made her bitter,
now they simply made Eve titter.
And when occasionally they bickered,
instead of shouting, Adam snickered.

Thus did laughter come to save
these first children of the cave,
and when they became ma and pa,
they taught their children to guffaw.

Then each succeeding generation
increased their sense of jubilation––
enjoying each others’ flubs and gaffes
with chuckles, chortles and belly laughs!

As friends and family still use humor
to solve discord and dispel rumor,
would that nations forever after
Replaced their guns and missiles with laughter.





16 thoughts on “Lesson from the Garden of Eden––WP Daily Prompt/Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

    1. lifelessons Post author

      This was the first writer’s retreat with Judy… on my porch. It was the second day as I remember but I can’t remember what it was. You were laughing so hard tears were running down your cheeks, as I recall. Too good not to share. And you are a good sport to let me do so. I’ll run a pic of you looking your usual gorgeous soon.


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