Paint Theory

Paint Theory

Nature abounds in color.
On everything in sight,
the only colors you won’t see 
are boring black and white.

Yet minimalists love what’s spare:
black and white and gray.
A splash of color here and there
is enough, they say.

I agree restraint is best
where decorating goes.
There should be some rules
concerning where paint flows.

On walls and cabinets and floors,
on doorknobs, furniture and doors,
The only place where you should paint
is anywhere where pigment ain’t!


(The photos below may best be seen by clicking on the first one and then the arrows.)






The Prompt word today was “Paint.”

11 thoughts on “Paint Theory

  1. hirundine608

    Judy, Nice poem about colour. I now live in a rented apartment. My house is now a thing past. When I had that house I used Feng Shui principles, for the rooms. Dark fire reds for the centre then colours for spring, summer, fall and winter going around the cardinal directions. Day and night. Even moonlight has so many colours to choose from. Creams, greys, yellows and purples.

    Black white and grey? Is what our eyes actually see, as we scan our horizons. Shades of grey. Only when they come to rest, do those eyes come to focus on the colour. When painting in water colour I love the ability to mix greys. In the red, yellow and blues. Then, adding the pure colour makes them pop … Cheers Jamie


  2. Carol Arledge

    Love, love, love your poem, thoughts, and collage of color in all things and places. God decorated the world with color; why shouldn’t we decorate our little worlds thusly? Color decorates our lives and makes us smile within…

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  3. pvcann

    I enjoy painting, mostly abstract and use a lot of colour, I note that you refer to decorating specifically and I agree – in that space restraint is better, I like your theory.



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