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Vibrant Colors: CFFC

Mexico IS vibrant color.  I had to restrain myself….Here are a few shots.  I could have done thousands.

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Paint Theory

Paint Theory

Nature abounds in color.
On everything in sight,
the only colors you won’t see 
are boring black and white.

Yet minimalists love what’s spare:
black and white and gray.
A splash of color here and there
is enough, they say.

I agree restraint is best
where decorating goes.
There should be some rules
concerning where paint flows.

On walls and cabinets and floors,
on doorknobs, furniture and doors,
The only place where you should paint
is anywhere where pigment ain’t!


(The photos below may best be seen by clicking on the first one and then the arrows.)






The Prompt word today was “Paint.”

Color Your World Yellow-Orange

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My entire house is yellow orange! As is my living room and bedroom and studio… all different hues. I have been so busy that I hadn’t noticed that everything is blooming.  The Royal Poinciana is the fullest I’ve ever seen it.  I’ll show more of it tomorrow!






Vibrant objects, vibrant people.  Splashily vibrant or quietly vibrant–all the same, we need this vibrancy in our lives.  Easy to find in Mexico!!!!


Morrie Gets a Pedicure, and Other Burnt Orange Delights.

Morrie Gets a Pedicure, and Other Burnt Orange Delights.

IMG_1279IMG_1284 Version 3IMG_9553Yes, I was surprised that Morrie took so well to being pampered with an on-site bath, blow-dry, grooming and pedicure.  (This enterprising young man has started a business where he comes to your house to groom and wash your dog. He seems to be popular as he was booked solid for a week.  Fortunately, he had an appointment with a dog a block away from me so although I’m 5 km. out of town, he just worked me in after his other appointment.) Morrie was a bit rank.  Hated to leave him with the house sitter in that condition. And yes, I was proud of the boy.  And yes, he immediately went down and rolled in the dirt and the grass.  A fella’s gotta have some pride, much as he seemed to enjoy the attention.


Los Colores de México: Cee’s Sense of Seeing Challenge

Los Colores de México

IMG_3900These watermelons really are this red..  I haven’t boosted the color!

DSC09456 DSC09449 DSC00096 DSC00075IMG_2993 IMG_2167