Lovely one, you wink and tease.
You posture there as if to please.
And though you simply play a game,
thinking the world yours to tame,

there are animals who stalk
pretty girls with pretty talk.
Take care to guard what’s precious to you,
for there are those bent to undo you.

Have your fun.  Enjoy their stares,
but travel safely, and in pairs.
For lovely young ones, fair of face,
the world can be a dangerous place.

Maybe someday, but not now?
Too young to take that sacred vow?
Saving it for someone rare?
We cannot tell by what you wear.

Your clothes so tight, your skin so bare,
you seem to beg the world’s rude stare.
You are a plum—sweet and inviting
and there are those intent on biting.

So take heed. Protect yourself.
You are not goods set on a shelf—
a tasty morsel, a pint of booze
for anyone to pick and use.

You are a vintage sweet and rare—
smart and funny, grown with care.
Value your worth and care for it.
Wait for that match you know will fit.

Things need not happen quite so fast.
Try to hold out for what will last.
So when that stranger whispers,”Baby.”
instead of “Yes,” why not try,”Maybe.”


The prompt today was “Maybe.”

14 thoughts on “Restraint

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I have had this as a dialogue with my granddaughter many times to absolutely NO avail. The style of clothing for the young, which Garry and I refer to as “junior slutware” is what they all wear. None of the girls consider how it looks to anyone else … or even whether or not it looks particularly good on THEM. I keep my fingers crossed that all will be well until she grows into commonsense. Soon, I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Malachy Purcell

    Your words are wise
    But not heeded at 10 to 17.
    What’s wanted are EYES, Sighs and silly lies.
    Risk and daring, sharing, swearing…
    Not the wisdom of has beens
    Just the thrill of tight jeans
    and schoolgirl dreams

    Liked by 1 person


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