Cheated (At the Olympics Awards Ceremony)

IMG_3700 (1)jdbphoto


You are the one we’d love to beat.
We train, we strain, we sweat. We cheat.
Anything to win the heat
and gain the glory of your defeat.
You are so handsome, fit and neat.
Sure of hand and swift of feet,
with fame and glory, you are replete—
the hero of each match and meet.

You are not boastful, do not bleat
your successes down every street.
You are humble and discreet.
You do not replay and repeat
each mile covered. Nor do you greet
those you’ve defeated when we meet
with prideful leer or smile cloying—
but still, we find your fame annoying.

You win each medal, then repeat
year after year at every meet.
Your well-toned muscles, hair like wheat,
make you every lady’s treat––
propel you to the winner’s seat,
your win made obvious and concrete
while those below complain and cuss.
Could you not leave some fame for us???


The prompt today was “Cheat.”


8 thoughts on “Cheated (At the Olympics Awards Ceremony)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha!!! I actually was dying to see the Olympics gymnastic events but couldn’t get them in Mexico..A friend recorded one event for me..the rings and bar finals for the women.



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